2016: 30th Anniversary CD release


O frabjous day, etc.... The CD exists! A mere 30 years late, we can announce the release of "Late Cut" on the Bad Eelephant label; it contains the complete No Third Man album, remastered, along with 2015 recordings of Endplay and Crocus Point.

Here's where to get it: www.badelephant.com

Even more implausibly, we're playing a gig! Saturday 13th February, at Boston Music Room, 178 Junction Rd, London N19 5QQ. It's a Bad Elephant showcase gig, with The Gift, Twice Bitten, Tom Slatter and jh. We're on at 8.30. Details here.


Please let us know if you'd like us to warn you of other impending twangery, recorded or otherwise: